Five Things to Do While Walking

Five Things to Do While Walking

Spending time outdoors is essential for our everyday health and wellbeing. However, modern life can sometimes make it challenging to get as much time outside as we would like. Not only do some of us not have the time, but our hyper-connected world and our lower attention spans can also make the thought of walking unappealing to some.

If you’re someone who would like to get into walking and spending more time in the natural world, we would be delighted to help!

Sometimes, your first step can be the most important. If you want to get into walking but are unsure how, check out these easy things that can make your time outside more exciting!

Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts

One of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do while walking is to put headphones in and experience the world in a whole new way. Whether it’s your favourite music, a new podcast episode or an audiobook you’ve always wanted to hear, walking is a great excuse to put your work to one side and have some quality time for yourself.

Sometimes when trying to change our regular routines, we need a little bit of motivation. Saving a particular book or podcast for your daily or weekly walk can make the thought of getting up and going much more exciting!

A person against a blue sky background listening to music while walking

Learn Photography

You’ll be surprised at how different the world can appear by simply viewing it through a lens. Lacing up your lightweight hiking boots and heading out, even in your small city neighbourhood or local countryside woodland, can allow you to discover things about your area you never knew before.

Photography is a hobby that has come back into fashion in recent years, thanks to the quality of smartphone cameras. Nowadays, almost everyone has a camera on them, and walking is a great way to find new and exciting photo opportunities! Combine your walking with a new hobby – you could even take up drawing – to help ingrain it into your new routine.

Check out our blog on animal photography for beginners!

Socialise with Family or Friends

Another downside of our modern world is the amount of time we get to spend with our family or friends. Too often, our conversations take place over social media instead of in each other’s company. Walking is a great excuse to bring people together for some genuine time together without distractions.

Socialising also plays a massive role in our mental wellbeing. Even if it’s once a week, taking time out to walk alongside our loved ones can do our overall health a world of good.

Discover the benefits to spending time in nature.

Two people trekking through a countryside field at sunset in LOWA footwear

Take a Moment to Think

We often recommend walking as an excellent way for people to detach from the world and take a moment for themselves. However, walking is also incredibly useful for people looking to make improvements in their work or creative life.

Taking a break by walking outside can help you see problems from a new perspective. If there’s something that seems unsolvable, take a walk – you would be surprised how often this simple act can provide fresh ideas and answers to common problems.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Thankfully, many more people are now aware of the importance of personal wellbeing. This knowledge is evidenced by the growing popularity of other activities, such as yoga and meditation.

Walking can be combined with these activities to help create a complete wellbeing session. Take ten minutes during your walk to meditate or discover some walking yoga practices to promote wellness further.

A silhouette of a walker practicing yoga at sunset

While it might seem boring to newcomers at first, when combined with these activities, walking can be a thoroughly engaging and healthy part of your routine!

Of course, there are many other things you can enjoy while walking. What are your favourite things to do while out on the trails? Let us and our community of walkers know by sharing your tips directly on our social media channels or by using the hashtag #LOWAUK!


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