Upper Lining/Material

Upper Lining/Material

Upper lining/material

The upper is a crucial part of any high-quality walking shoe. While not in contact with the ground like our sole technology, the materials that go into making a boot upper have to strike the perfect balance between support and comfort, protection and warmth. Our uppers have been specifically chosen for each boot to ensure you get precisely what’s needed for every journey and map to the shape of your feet.

For upper and lining materials, LOWA uses high-quality leathers and synthetics from selected suppliers. Our well-matched materials ensure the perfect level of comfort.

Upper material

The leather that is used for LOWA footwear comes primarily from cow hides from Europe and is free of pollutants.

For centuries, people have used this natural product for various purposes. In shoe manufacturing, leather is indeed the most critical material because it offers unique benefits with its combination of different characteristics. While the industry has experimented for years with various new materials, not one has represented a high-quality substitute for leather.

Leather is, generally speaking, animal skin that is made stable through the process of tanning. Be it soft edging leather, smooth lining leather, or stable uppers leather, all come from the same initial product.

Full-grain leather

This basic leather is from the exterior of the hide and is particularly thick and tough, making it ideal for walking footwear. Full-grain leather can be made either smooth or textured.


Nubuck leather

Nubuck is full-grain leather that has been sanded lightly for texture, giving the product a velvety appearance. Nubuck can be oiled, waxed or even left in a natural state, depending on the desired look.

Suede leather

Suede comes from the underside of the hide. Because of its raw texture, it is a particularly durable leather, and it is sometimes used as a protective cap at the heel or toes. As with nubuck leather, suede can be oiled, waxed or left in a natural state.


Good footwear lining materials must, first and foremost, provide optimal temperature regulation. Moisture produced during physical activity must be transported away from the foot and allowed to escape. That way, heat build-ups and blisters can be prevented.

The inner linings must also be guaranteed to dry quickly after use to minimise the waiting time between journeys. The surface must also feel good to touch and lay in the footwear without creases or folds.

Here at LOWA, we use high-quality lining materials to guarantee comfort and temperature regulation throughout your journeys.

Gore-Tex footwear lining

A two-layer lining material is bonded to the GORE-TEX membrane to create the GORE-TEX Footwear System, keeping the boot waterproof yet breathable. It prevents moisture from getting into the footwear while also creating an ideally temperature-regulated environment inside the shoe. This works well even in the cold, snow and the most adverse weather conditions. Explore our ladies and men’s Gore-Tex hiking boots.

Leather footwear lining

LOWA also uses a soft, buttery Nappa leather from cows that is 1-1.5 mm thick. It is not dyed, which helps it retain its open pores. This means its ability to absorb water lies somewhere around 200 percent of its weight.

Its incredible ability to absorb moisture, as well as the comfortable fit of a leather-lined boot, enables long and pleasant use while still maintaining the internal temperature. On long-distance treks, for example over several days, it is recommended to allow sufficient drying time of a leather-lined boot.

Fabric/synthetic footwear lining

Here at LOWA, we also sell high-quality walking footwear created using exclusively synthetic materials. We pride ourselves on a perfectly combined mix of polyester and polyamide materials. With this blend, we achieve a high level of comfort in our footwear based on the combination’s multi-faceted characteristics. Our synthetic linings have the ability to dissipate heat and moisture, maintain a high abrasion-resistance and durability, and still provide a pleasant feel.

By using exclusively synthetic materials, we’ve been able to design 100% vegan footwear that delivers the quality expected in a LOWA boot.

Here at LOWA, we choose our lining for the task at hand, whether it’s cold weather climbing, mountain backpacking or simple street travelling. If you are interested in discovering what boot may be best for your adventures, why not get in contact with the LOWA team who will be happy to help!