Six Benefits to Spending Time in Nature

Six Benefits to Spending Time in Nature

Sometimes the best remedy for an ailment is to get some fresh air and try to re-programme, an idea admired in Japan with the introduction of Forest Bathing during the 1980s. It was initiated by the Japanese Government to promote wellness and help reduce stress. As humans, it is essential to spend time in the outdoors for the sake of our mind and body. Here at LOWA, we believe it is vital for you to make the most of the outdoors, and here are the reasons why:

Immersing Yourself in the Colour Green is Healthy

Being amongst greenery has multiple benefits. The definition of ‘green land’ is outlined as open land which is capable of growing its own natural vegetation. This can also include areas of grass in urban streets and parks! There have been multiple scientific studies about the effects of human exposure to it. Research by UEA's Norwich Medical School discovered accessibility to greenery significantly decreased stress levels. In addition to this, results suggested that exposure to nature helped reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Physical improvements included a decrease in the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. Another beneficial factor is the improvement in the length of sleep time.

Close up of blades of grass.

It is Good for a Mental Boost

As you have probably discovered yourself, being in nature inspires creativity and broadens your mind. Scientists have discovered that being in the open air calms down our prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is the command centre, and with less strain on this, we create a healing effect. With this in mind, time in nature may improve attention span and short-term memory.

There Are No Expectations

The best thing about being amongst nature is that you have to go with the flow! Of course, you may have a vague plan of how you would like to spend your time, but it also depends on what nature has in store for you!
Nature also supplies us with another reduction in expectations, with an escape from the pressures of daily structure and society. Away from our frequent interactions, spending time in nature comes without the influence of behaviours and trends. Ultimately, this creates a safe surrounding with a reduction in immediate pressure.

Close up of woman's hand looking at phone while sat at a table with a laptop.

It Reminds Us That Humans Are Not the Only Beings on the Planet

Being amongst nature is eye-opening. Looking at wildlife is captivating when you witness it in person. Instead of relying on your phone for information, you absorb what is directly in front of you. It is apparent you are not the only creature in this world, and you may not know as much about the planet as you would like. Seeing the eco-system in action is a reminder of how plants and species live alongside each other to aid their existence. Something we learnt at school, but easily forgotten as we get older.

Close up of an ant on a leaf.

It Makes You Appreciate the Simple Things

Witnessing the simplicity of life cycles in a natural setting is a reminder that we are not here infinitely. Such realisation gives us a little nudge, letting us know that our time here is precious and needs experiencing to the fullest.

It Acts as a Prompt Reminder We Can’t Be in Control of Everything

With the previous point in mind, it also helps us to remember how humans have little power when it comes to nature. We may regard ourselves as one of the more dominant species on the planet, but we can't control the weather! One minute it may be sunny and the next raining, we have to take it as it is. It is a gentle reminder that we are not always in charge, not only with nature but other happenings in our life also.

Grey, cloudy sky over a blue lake.

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