Six Environmental Benefits of Walking

Six Environmental Benefits of Walking

Introducing walking into your daily lifestyle has numerous benefits, for yourself and your surroundings. Not only is it positive physically and mentally, but it can also impact the environment considerably. Here at LOWA, we are passionate about the effects of walking for both people and the environment, and are eager to share its advantages. The choice to walk more often can positively contribute to the planet, and we have selected the top reasons why it should be encouraged.

Reduced Car Emissions

A seemingly obvious statement which deserves more in-depth exploring. It is understood that car emissions are one of the predominant causes of greenhouse gases. Last year, The Times newspaper reported that transport is responsible for 26% of greenhouse pollution. Research suggests choosing to walk a short journey instead of travelling in a car can have significant advantages for the environment over a year. It has been calculated that completing five trips of 2km a week on foot instead of a car can decrease the amount of emissions by 86kg a year.

View of busy road in the sunset surrounded by buildings.

Walking is More Sustainable Than Driving

Not only does walking improve the immediate effects by limiting pollution from car emissions, it can also contribute to the reduction of future expenditures. For example, over time, pollution causes damage to its surroundings, including both buildings and nature. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced, less work and money will be needed to fix the impairment. Consequently, this money could go into other local requirements instead.

More Walkers Will Create a Quieter Environment

With more people walking and fewer using cars, noise pollution significantly drops. Research from Australia suggests that people dislike the sound generated by traffic in urban areas because it causes a disturbance in sleep and ruins other peaceful activities such as reading. This is a point that not only holds relevance halfway across the world but also in our busy UK towns and cities. With more people walking consistently, traffic noise could be reduced, providing health benefits not only for the environment but also humans and other animals. When humans are exposed to traffic noise for a sustained amount of time, not only does it cause frustration but also eventual damage to hearing.

View of green trees in the sun from the ground.

Zero Transport Costs

The greatest part of walking on a daily commute is that it’s free! Walking on shorter journeys does not require money, just enjoyment of the local surroundings. Owning a car can be financially demanding. Not only do you have to pay for maintenance, insurance, and tax, but you also have to ensure it stays running throughout the week on fuel. By reducing the shorter journeys completed by a vehicle, you will use less fuel and save more money.

Walking is a More Resourceful Use of Space

Another incentive about choosing to walk over the use of a vehicle is that it requires less space. The same area of a car can hold around 20 people who are walking. As assumed, walking leads to less congestion. Vehicle parking is another issue of space in terms of car usage. It is estimated that an area double the size of Birmingham is allocated just to the parking of motor vehicles, and it can’t help but feel like a waste of landscape.

Couple walking together on street.

Creates Happier Surroundings

With more people visibly wandering the streets, the area appears safer. It motivates people to follow similarly and helps people to move out of their comfort zone. It has also been associated with reducing feelings of anxiety in urban areas. People have been reported to feel safer in environments where a reduction in loud, heavy and irresponsible traffic is present.

In conclusion, by choosing to walk – even just shorter distances – you can contribute to the health of the environment significantly. If you feel inspired to get out there and start walking, take a look at our blog on the benefits of spending time in nature for more information. Here at LOWA, we are dedicated to providing footwear of the highest quality, including our Gore-Tex hiking boots! If you need to invest in some new boots, discover our extensive range of footwear for all terrains.


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