Seven Tips for Walking for Fitness and Weight Loss

Seven Tips for Walking for Fitness and Weight Loss

You may have heard the saying ‘a walk is just as good as a run’, and this holds many truths. It is a form of exercise that is low impact, so not only does it burn calories, but it is also easy on the joints. Walking is also incredibly healthy for the body and is a great way to maintain a strong heart and a healthy weight. Here at LOWA, we are firm advocates for walking and believe the benefits are limitless.

Keep It Regular

To successfully filter walking into your lifestyle, it is essential to ensure you do it regularly and keep goals realistic. For weight loss, an ideal goal is to walk between half an hour to three-quarters of an hour, four or five days a week. However, if this may seem unrealistic, begin by reducing the amount and slowly build it up over time. Twenty-minute intervals throughout the day is a great way to break it down. The more walks you do, the more inspired you will feel. Before you know it, walking will be an exciting adventure to look forward to daily.

Every Little Helps!

The NHS website proposes that by walking 10 minutes a day, you have achieved almost half the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week. Therefore, try swapping something less productive for walking wherever possible. For example, using the stairs instead of a lift, walking smaller distances instead of driving or using it as a way to destress when you are irritated. Instead of meeting a friend in a coffee shop, go on a walk together!

Stairs in-between escalator

Change the Pace

Walking doesn’t have to be one set speed! To mix up your routine and keep you driven, include intervals of a faster pace. By regularly switching up the intensity, your body will burn more energy and weight loss will be more achievable.

Add Weights

For those really looking to improve their health, including weights is a fantastic way to burn further calories. Similar to changing up the speed through intervals, this can also be done with weights. Taking a steady walk with weights is a great starting block. Please note, adding weights needs to be done with care, and it is worth recognising they do not have to be particularly heavy. Carrying something similar to the weight of two full water bottles is beneficial.

Two blue weights with trainers and weighing scales in the background

Include Some Motivation

Music is a great motivator, and it can improve your mood too! Take some time to collect a playlist together, ready for you to get out there, feel good and burn some calories!

Phone with earphones

Invest in Supportive Gear

Ensuring you are comfortable when you walk is essential to ensure you keep doing it. Don’t let uncomfortable gear put you off walking! Take the time and get some high-quality walking shoes. This will especially help if you plan to change up the terrain and go on some adventures. Ensure they have proper foot support, soles and cushioning. Here at LOWA, we have an extensive range of men’s and ladies walking shoes, suitable for a number of different environments and terrains.

Two people walking in green countryside with walking gear on

Discover Some Places You Want to Explore

The best way to feel inspired is to turn exercise into something to look forward to. The UK is overflowing with beautiful walking destinations, and some of them may be very close to home! Research your local area for places you may want to explore and then branch out to different regions of the country. For more inspiration on this, take a look at our blog, the Best Day Hikes in England, for more information.

Green English countryside on a sunny day

Whether you are just starting, or looking to mix up your walking routine, we hope you feel inspired to use walking as a successful form of weight loss. For more information on the mental wellbeing of advantages of walking, take a look at our blog, the Mental Benefits of Regular Walking.


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