The Mental Benefits of Regular Walking

The Mental Benefits of Regular Walking

In the modern world, it’s vital that we get as much exercise as we can, whenever we can, for the sake of our health. Unfortunately, our busy lives often limit the amount of outdoor time we’re able to get, but there is a simple activity which can go a long way to improving our wellbeing.

Walking is a pursuit that people frequently underestimate, but it remains one of the best possible ways for everyone to get outside and be active. Something that everyone can take part in, simply incorporating walking into your daily routine or making time for walking in the evening or weekends can provide an incredible range of health advantages, not just for the body but also the mind! While you can learn about the many health benefits of walking in our other blog, read on to discover more about the mental health advantages that regular walking can provide.

Improve Your Mood

One of the best things about walking is that it gives our mind a moment to relax, without having to work through the many tasks that we complete every day. Even if it is just for a moment, this is vital and makes a massive difference to our mood throughout the day. There is also scientific fact behind the idea that walking boosts our mood. As with any physical activity, walking releases endorphins through our body, which are known to improve our mood.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Endorphins are also known to reduce our stress levels which, when combined with the act of taking time out of our day to go walking, can make a noticeable difference to our stress levels. Being active can reduce the likelihood of clinical depression while spending more time surrounded by nature is another well-proven way of calming the mind.

A woman meditating on rocks on a plain on a sunny day

Promote Body Confidence

What makes walking such a hugely popular activity is that it’s open to everyone, no matter what their physical ability. This makes it the ideal hobby for people looking to introduce some more exercise into their routine, without putting their body under unwanted strain. Despite its ease, regular walking will deliver many of the same benefits of more high-intensity training over time. These benefits include changes to your body, which will help to improve your self-confidence.

Increase Energy

It may seem surprising, at first, but regular walking will help to improve your energy long-term! Walking helps to promote blood flow across the body, particularly for the muscles and brain. This increased flow makes us feel more energised, creating the fresh feel that our bodies experience after exercise!

An urban walkway by the River Thames in London at night

Better Sleep

Walking isn’t just good for increasing our energy levels; it helps to promote effective rest, too! Regular exercise helps our bodies regulate their sleep patterns, meaning that walking helps us get to sleep when we need it and achieve a deeper sleep. This makes walking particularly useful for people suffering from sleep disorders.

More Social Opportunities

Being social is an essential part of everyone’s wellbeing, and many look to incorporate getting active with social activities. Walking is an excellent choice for people looking to get out and enjoy the world with their friends or family, as it's easy for everyone to take part and doesn’t require any high-intensity effort. Enjoying that evening or weekend meetup while exploring the natural world is the perfect way to get more activity into your life!

Stronger Focus

If you are struggling to think of something, whether it be a project at work or ideas for the home, a walk may hold the secrets to getting over that mental obstacle. Again, this relates to the increase in blood flow that walking, even for just ten minutes, can provide. Incorporating walking into your routine can help to improve concentration and creativity while establishing a regular walking pattern has been proven to develop even more long-term benefits in this regard!

A man on a mountain top looking out over forests on a cloudy day

Walking can work wonders for your mental health in a range of ways, and the benefits can be felt straight away! By incorporating more walking and outdoor activities into our daily lives, we start to live healthier, happier lives. Here at LOWA, we provide a range of men’s and ladies outdoor boots for many different activities, so why not browse our selection of walking and hiking footwear and accessories today?


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