Five Fantastic Excuses to Go Outside

Five Fantastic Excuses to Go Outside

We are all a part of nature, and is not surprising that many of us are desperate to be amongst the outdoors. It is predicted that 70% of the world may live in an urban area by 2050. With this in mind, it is evident why more of us need to recover our relationship with nature. Here at LOWA, we hope to give you some unarguable reasons as to why getting out there is valuable and hope to inspire you to push for your next adventure.

An Outdoor Setting is More Important Than You Think

What we do in our spare time has a positive or negative effect on our well-being, but where we do it also has a consequence. Scientific research suggests that choosing to do your activities in an outdoor setting is most beneficial to your mental and physical health. Think about when you jog in the open air compared to being inside a gym and looking at a wall. A basic example, but which one seems more appealing and uplifting for your mood? It is vital to invest in exercise and complementing it with an inspirational setting is just as crucial for your state of mind. For further insight on this subject, take a look at our blog on the Mental Benefits of Regular Walking, which explores this.

A Man running across a landscape

You Need Vitamin D

A more detailed example of why an outdoor setting is healthy for us is our need for Vitamin D. Our bodies produce it directly from UVB that radiates from the sun. Vitamin D is necessary to sustain the body’s structure as it goes on to produce phosphates and calcium. Of course, too much of it is also harmful, hence the necessity for sun cream. The NHS suggests you can take supplements but the most successful way to gain the required dose is from the sun itself. Furthermore, the end of March and start of April to September are the leading months to get your Vitamin D fix.

A sunset

Opportunities to Try Something New

The outdoors provides many exciting avenues for fun activities. Some may turn into a sport you want to devote your time to for the rest of your life, and some you may want to try once. There is an array of adventure experiences across the UK, including abseiling, rock climbing and zip lining. Outdoor pursuits open you to unusual, adventurous opportunities, so why not invest a day here and there to try some? There is no pressure to do them forever, but a chance to discover something you love.

A woman climbing a mountain in LOWA footwear

You Don’t Necessarily Have to be Active When Outdoors

Nature is a place for adventure but also a space to step back and breathe. Finding a peaceful and quiet space for you to have some ‘me time’ is just as exciting. Meditating, reading a book, writing a journal, listening to music, painting and indulging in a picnic are all calm ways to spend your time and still take pleasure in the outdoors.

You Need a Well-Earned Break from Technology

We’re sure you are familiar with the concept that spending our own time in the constant presence of technology is not the most productive way to live. Even before the world’s dependency on mobile phones during the 2000s, the Japanese Government implemented ‘Forest Bathing’ in 1982. In Japanese, it is called Shinrin Yoku and the point is to be alone. It is a practice used to focus the mind on nothing but the natural environment. Advanced forms of technology, including emails and social media, are discouraged. It is in the hope that we appreciate what exists in front of us. Time away from the phone and computer could help you to focus your mind in the present.

A forest with clouds

We hope we have inspired you to put on your summer hiking boots on and head straight outside and delve into the outdoors! What are your favourite excuses for lacing up your boots and discovering the natural world? Let us know by joining in the conversation on our social media channels! #LOWAUK


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