Seven of the World's Best Treks

Seven of the World's Best Treks

Where do you begin when considering which are the best treks across the globe? With so many beautiful and diverse continents, there are almost too many to choose from!

Our Selection of Treks

We have selected treks which are renowned for their beauty and accessibility and can be found in six out of the seven of continents on the planet. Epic in distance, these treks have been chosen to spark inspiration due to their incredible landscapes and challenging nature!

Additional Note

Most of these will require additional, expert support, or a guide, and should not be attempted as a lone adventurer.

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Routeburn Track

New Zealand | Length: 33km | Duration: Roughly two to four days.

This trek can be found on the South Island of New Zealand and is known for its epic beauty and alpine landscape! The journey starts at the beginning of the Southern Alps and continues through the Fiordland National Park and Mount Aspiring. A perk of the stunning trek is the Earland Falls where you can dip in for a refreshing shower!

Ideally, you will want to walk during New Zealand’s spring and summer season, between October and the first part of May, as this is the most pleasant time to walk. If you choose to complete this trek outside this time frame, experience and knowledge about walking in New Zealand’s winter conditions is necessary.

Mountains in the Fiordland national park

GR 20

Corsica | Length: 168 km | Duration: 15 days

This trek is not for the faint-hearted! Taking just over two weeks to complete, it is regarded as one of the toughest adventures in Europe.

The trail explores the middle of the rocky and intense mountains that make up the centre of the Mediterranean island of Corsica. This walk’s main appeal is its incredible views which give the perfect platform to absorb the vibrant, blue lakes which scatter the area. Passing through breathtaking forests, atmospheric craters, bogs and plains, this trek doesn’t come without a challenge!

The walk aims to complete each of the 15 sections per day. The route is well established, lined with red and white rectangles on the rocks and trees, but having a trail map is still recommended!

Mountain views from the GR 20 trek in Corsica

The Haute Route

Switzerland and France | Length: 200km | Duration:12 to 14 days.

Another lengthy trek, the Haute Route is a beautiful adventure which starts in the picturesque French ski resort of Chamonix and ends in Zermatt in Switzerland. It can be completed as a walk during the summer seasons, or by skiing during snowfall.

During the trek, you will climb the Pigne d’Arolla which, at 3,769 metres, is an incredible platform where you can see some of the brightest and most stunning views across the Alps.

Fitness is a necessity if you want to complete the Haute Route. There are different routes you can take, depending on the length you would like and what you want to experience along the way.

South Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon National Park, USA | Length: Around 11km | Duration: Four to five hours.

‘Dramatically holds true to a ridgeline descent’ is the description the American National Park Service has given to the South Kaibab Trail. This trail is quite short in comparison to the other walking routes on our list, but shouldn’t be overlooked.

Throughout the walk, there are stunning points of interest, including:

• Trailhead
• Cedar Ridge
• Skeleton Point
• Trail junction
• The Tipoff
• Black Suspension Bridge
• Bright Angel Campground

Make sure you have adequate sun protection as there is almost no shade throughout the trail and it is renowned for being incredibly hot!

Sunshine and shadows over the Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Inca Trail

Peru | Length: 33km | Duration: Around four days

This trail is one many of us have dreamed about! Much of the appeal of this stunning route comes from the beautiful view at sunrise when looking upon the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu in the warm glow of morning light.

Beginning at the Sacred Valley, this trek is a whimsical journey up and down the mountains. The trail is scattered with magical ruins which only add to the surreal perfection of the trek while absorbing the breathtaking views of the surrounding Andes landscape and idyllic forests.

It is worth knowing that there is a 500 person limit as to who can be on the trail per day. It is, for this reason, that booking in advance is recommended. The best time to go is between May and September as this is the dry season. July, in particular, is an especially popular time to visit.

Pays Dogon

Mali | Length: Depends | Duration: Between two and ten days depending on the desired route.

Also known as the Dogon Country, this location in South-Central Mali is an enchanting trek which explores the villages located on the mesmerising 500m-tall cliffs throughout the area. In 1989, the destination became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has since been visited by many keen explorers.

The history of the area dates back to over one thousand years ago when the Dogon people did not want to change their culture to join Islam. Consequently, they created their way of life and adopted their unique traditions and customs.

The trek usually begins in the larger towns like Baniagara and then the exploration will take place to smaller villages.

The best time to visit is in the winter during November and December as the days remain warm but not unbearably hot. It is worth remembering that the evening does get chilly at this time of year, though!

Everest Base Camp

Nepal | Length: Around 130km | Duration: Typically, 12 days

One of the most desired treks, the Everest Base Camp is possibly one of the most inspiring and challenging explorations you could do. The journey begins from Lukla, and it takes eight days to reach the Base Camp. Upon return, the journey will take around four days. Once completed, you have reached the base of the tallest mountain in the world!

Known for being tough, it is definitely not a trek for the inexperienced! However, you will have the privilege to see some of the most spectacular views on the planet.

Mount Everest in Nepal surrounded by clouds

Which of these treks would you love to conquer? Or, even better, which amazing places have we missed which deserve to be included in the list of ‘The World’s Best Treks’? Please let us know on our social media channels!

If you are looking for stunning treks a bit closer to home, take a look at our blog on 6 Beautiful Places to Visit in the UK This Winter.

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