Why Do People Hike?

Why Do People Hike?

More people are getting into outdoor activities now than ever before, and for us at LOWA, we can’t think of anything better than lacing up our boots and exploring the natural world! Hiking is the ideal activity for those looking for a new outdoor pursuit for all abilities, that can be done casually but is also able to offer a challenge.

Most importantly, hiking offers a range of benefits, both mentally and physically, that could match any other hobby! If you are thinking about getting into hiking, take a look at these personal advantages waiting for you!

Hiking is Great for Getting Active

In the modern age, we are constantly reminded of the need to keep ourselves fit and healthy. However, many people can struggle to find outdoor activities outside of the traditional competitive sports. One of the great positives of hiking is that it is a simple and hugely accessible pastime – regardless of your age or physical capability, there will be a walk or hike appropriate for you. This trait makes hiking perfect for those who are looking for a more relaxed way to get fit.

There are many physical benefits of hiking. While it can be lighter than other sports, hiking is still a physical activity and will produce many of the same health gains, such as improved muscle strength and a stronger heart, along with protecting your body against many major illnesses! However, hiking as a form of exercise can produce particular advantages at a faster rate, such as improved joint and bone strength.

Hiking Helps You Discover Stunning Views

Sometimes, our lives can feel as if they are on a constant loop. From work or school to home via the occasional shopping trip or a visit to a relative, it can often feel like we are sleepwalking through large parts of the day, passing the same sights on so many occasions that they begin to lose their lustre. When people talk about ‘stunning views’, images of far-flung places come to mind, when in reality there are great sights available on our doorstep – we just need to discover them!

Hiking is a great way to explore something new about a location. Whether that’s a place you have always wanted to discover or simply your local area is up to you, but we can promise that you will uncover some new and remarkable views that can last a lifetime!

A man sat down overlooking a mountain range

Hiking is Good for the Mind

While the physical benefits of hiking might appear quite obvious, it’s important also to consider the mental benefits of enjoying this activity. Hiking can work wonders for your mind, not only through physical activity but also the secondary effects of enjoying this outdoor pursuit!

It has been proven that exercise can reduce the likelihood of depression, while the hormones released during activity help to regulate things such as our sleep. However, hiking can add additional benefits. The peaceful aspect of the activity means that it is especially useful for relieving stress, while research has shown that spending more time in nature and less time attached to our screens can help improve our problem-solving skills.

Hiking is an Awesome Group Activity

One of our favourite things about hiking, however, is the incredible community that surrounds it. Hiking is inclusive, not just because of its openness to all skill and fitness levels but also because we love seeing new people discover the world for the first time. If you’re looking for an activity that will see you meet new people and create new friendships, then joining a local club or group is a fantastic way to do it. Alternatively, hiking is also a great way to spend time with your friends and family, with nature unlocking new discussions and deepening our bonds to one another.

A group of hikers with big backpacks walking towards a mountain

Hiking is a truly incredible activity, and there are countless more reasons why people from all walks of life enjoy it! This is an activity that is open for everyone, and here at LOWA, we accommodate for everyone. Whether you are looking for the best in performance footwear or simply looking for hiking boots for wide feet, our range of specialist gear will help you enjoy hiking to its full potential.


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