What to Look for in Cold Weather Hunting Boots

What to Look for in Cold Weather Hunting Boots

Hunting can involve long periods of time stood in cold and wet conditions, especially in winter. With this in mind, anything worn on a hunting trip needs to be able to cope with all the elements, especially during colder seasons. Being on your feet all day, it is essential to make sure your boots are durable, warm and can withstand an array of weather conditions. Here at LOWA, we supply high-quality men’s shooting boots and understand there are certain features to look out for when choosing a boot for hunting. Here, we have compiled a list to ensure you are picking out the correct pair of boots, ready for winter hunts.

Hunting Boots Should Offer Excellent Traction

Trudging through slippery terrains such as mud and damp leaves means that grip should be high on the list of priorities when choosing boots for hunting. It is vital to make sure your boots can offer stability on tricky terrain so the focus can stay on your chosen field sport. Checking the soles have a deep tread and supportive sole should be completed during the decision process. Vibram® soles are good quality and ones to look out for as they provide a better range of traction while supporting the foot. Vibram® is a reliable and unsurprisingly popular choice created from rubber blends which create premium, hardwearing soles that remain slip-resistant on various surfaces.

Man stood in red forest.

Upper Materials Should Be Strong

Ensuring that the top of the boot is durable and hardwearing is a must when exploring a range of terrains over long periods of time. Materials should have hardy properties, such as nubuck leather which is renowned for its robust and resilient nature. Not only will investing in tough materials help to protect the boot from damage and tearing in intense situations, but it also helps to keep the feet feeling secure and supported.

The Overall Structure of the Boot Should Offer Stability

The boot should encompass a general supportive structure to protect the foot. For example, a higher-cut upper can offer firmer support by protecting the ankle. This elevated-cut style can also be useful for general protection of the lower leg when moving through forests, acting as a defence against shrubs and rocks.

The Boots Need to Keep Your Feet Dry

Having a pair of waterproof boots are a necessity when it comes to winter weather. Not only do dry feet contribute to your level of comfort, but having dry feet means you are also more likely to feel warm. Here at LOWA, this is something we know people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors value heavily and we have invested this quality in all our footwear. A favoured material, Gore-Tex, features throughout our boots due to dependably weather protection. Not only does it guarantee the boot is completely waterproof, it is also highly breathable. As a result, your feet can remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the expedition.

The Boots Should Be Warm

For excursions during the coldest months, making sure your boots are warm and well insulated is a necessary investment. Not only will heat be lost through the upper of the boot, heat will also be lost through the soles of the footwear into the cold ground. True dedicated winter boots should include features such as Primaloft insulation throughout to protect your feet from the harsh, cold temperatures.

Black Labrador in forest.

Consider the Colour

For the purpose of hunting and fieldsports, it might be best to think about darker colours that blend into the countryside when choosing boots. However, this should not be considered over the more functional properties of the boots.

Hopefully, we have provided you with some helpful hints and tips for picking cold weather hunting boots. Take a look at our blog on How to Dry Your Boots Overnight for those times you are caught out during the coldest and wettest months of the year!


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