The Benefits Of Morning Walking

The Benefits Of Morning Walking

Walking is the perfect exercise for anyone, helping to improve overall health, strengthen bones and reduce body fat. Walking in the morning helps to increase alertness, help with blood flow and allows you to start your day on the right track. If you’re curious as to the benefits of getting some fresh air first thing in the morning, read on!

Gives You Energy

Getting out of bed is one of the hardest things we have to do in the day! By incorporating a brisk walk into your morning routine, you help to release ‘feel good’ hormones and avoid the sluggish feeling. By getting your muscles moving in the AM, you help to pump the blood around your body and increase your energy levels first thing, to make you feel more alert throughout the day!

Avoid The Excuses

Procrastination can get in the way of exercise, coming up with excuses as to not having the time to partake in any. Those who exercise on a regular basis tend to exercise in the morning, as it’s easier to form the habit earlier in the day. By setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier, you don’t have time for procrastination if it’s the first thing you do!

Puts You In A Positive Mindset

It’s essential to give yourself time to relax, recuperate and gather your thoughts. By getting some fresh air first thing, you give yourself time to set your mind straight by getting some thinking done and helping to plan your day. By doing this early on, you set yourself up to be in a positive mindset and ready to tackle the hours ahead!

Woman walking her dog in the morning

Reduces Stress

Walking, in general, helps to reduce stress as by minimising the sluggish feeling we can get. Being outside gives us a digital detox, if only for a short period of time, where we can think and detach ourselves from stressors. Stress can be carried through the tension of our muscles; by stretching our legs, it helps to loosen up our bodies.

Improves Blood Circulation

During the night, our blood pressure drops; therefore, our blood circulation reduces. Inhaling more oxygen and getting our body moving in the morning helps to get our blood circulating around our bodies faster. This is particularly beneficial for those with poor blood circulation; 30 minutes of walking in the morning will help combat any diseases related to circulation.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose some weight and tone up, morning walking is the perfect way to do this. On average we should be aiming for 10,000 steps per day, completing these burns on average between 2,000 and 3,500 calories - 3,500 calories are equivalent to one pound of fat. As mentioned previously, by getting out first thing in the morning, you avoid excuses for not exercising, and this will help with your weight loss!

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Helps With Sleep

Setting your alarm earlier than is needed may sound unappealing and contradictive to helping with sleep. However, getting up earlier and putting your body through some exercise will help you sleep that night. Exercise boosts energy and being more active will tire you out, but this is a good thing, especially as it helps you get a sound sleep.

Hopefully, we’ve persuaded you to set your alarm a little earlier to seek the benefits of morning walking! To make the most of your stroll and to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, invest in some good walking boots. We have a wide range of footwear options available, including men’s and ladies Gore-Tex hiking boots, which are perfect for both a morning walking and a challenging weekend hike!


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