Six Fantastic Family Outdoor Activities

Six Fantastic Family Outdoor Activities

We at LOWA love adventure! In the modern world, the need to go out and explore is more important than ever, not just as a way of keeping fit but also because it allows us to connect with the wider world. More importantly, enjoying the outdoors gives us an excuse to come closer together with the people that mean the most, which makes it the perfect environment for happy families!

The world is for everyone and no matter what your ability or interests, there is the perfect outdoor pursuit for you and your young ones just waiting to be discovered. Take a look at just some of our favourite outdoor activities for families.

Play Park Games

A classic family pastime, the open space of a park is ideal for using that youthful energy! A trip to the local field can be a great way to take your family out of the house and into the open air, and there is limitless potential when it comes to activities here.

Depending on the age of your children, they may already have a favourite activity to enjoy at the park. Whether they like kicking a football around, riding a bike or even playing aerobie, a day at the park can allow them to enjoy their hobby while also letting you engage with them about their skills. Alternatively, you could laugh the hours away with your youngest ones with simple and easy games, such as catch, that are great for keeping kids active.

Have a Picnic on a Hill

A relaxing activity perfect for those warm afternoons, a picnic can be the ideal way to add some outdoors into your typical day. Finding a quiet place isn’t always easy but being able to spend some quality time with those we love while enjoying some astounding views is worth the extra bit of effort.

A picnic can also be a great way of getting younger children to eat healthily and understand their food a little more. Having them help prepare the small feast will create extra bonding time for you and your kids, while the views from choosing a high, secluded location will help to broaden everyone’s horizons.

Sunrise over a field

Go Hiking

If you are an active family, then hiking might be the perfect outdoor activity for you and your children. It’s worth remembering, though, that this activity doesn’t have to be strenuous for you or your younger ones. Choose a route that is right for you and enjoy your time peacefully walking through the natural world with your family.

This can be an ideal daytime activity, something that can bring the family together and spark conversations that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Meanwhile, the hike can allow you and your kids to discover something new about a place and create memories that could last a lifetime! If you are interested in finding a local hiking route, then the National Trust is a great place to start – with a range of walks across the country covering all abilities, you’re sure to find the journey that will inspire your family!

Fruit Picking

Another classic summertime activity, many places across the country offer the chance to pick fresh fruit. Exploring a strawberry or apple orchard will excite and engage your children, while the opportunity to enjoy the finest fruits is pleasing for everyone. Similarly to going on a picnic, this is another opportunity to engage young minds when it comes to the origins of the food they eat.

Wet apples on an apple tree

Play Water Games

If you own a garden, then you don’t always have to venture far from home to enjoy the outdoors. There is plenty of fun to be had in our own small spaces, especially during the summertime when kids are off school and in need of some entertainment.

Cool off during the warmer months with a range of water activities that can excite and amaze in equal measure. From a small paddling pool allowing young ones to cool off, to water pistols that can turn your garden into a temporary battlefield, there are plenty of ways to join in the fun with your kids during the summer.

Go on a Woodland Adventure

For children that love to explore, the woods are the perfect place to spend a day of walking and discovering. Full of natural secrets, diverse wildlife and plenty of space, these engaging spaces are perfect for young minds, while the views are especially pleasing for adults, too! Going to a popular national trail will allow you to learn about the natural world as you explore it, creating an educational activity that kids will love.

A woodland path with a black dog

These are just some of the many great activities that you can enjoy with your family outdoors. Whether you are looking for an excuse to explore or a way to run off some energy, the potential of the natural world is truly limitless! As we like to say: take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories. Our range of sustainable outdoor boots, comfortable walking socks and other accessories make the perfect accompaniment to any adventure, so check out our range today!


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