How to Break in Your Hiking Boots

How to Break in Your Hiking Boots

Boots truly are a walker’s best friend. A high-quality pair will provide you with miles upon miles of excellent traction and superb comfort, which is why finding the correct footwear is so important. When you find the perfect pair, you discover the real joys of spending time in the natural world become multiplied even further!

That being said, many walkers find that even modern boots can take a week or two to mould to our shape. A new pair of boots may need a period of adjustment before they provide that ideal level of comfort and control. Here, we take you through some of the best tried and tested methods of breaking in any new footwear, so they’re ready to go for your next trek!

Wear With the Correct Walking Socks

This point also works when trying boots on for the first time. If you’re trying to break in a pair of walking shoes, you will get much better and more accurate results if you wear your normal walking socks. Specifically, use dedicated high quality walking socks, then wear these while breaking in your new shoes. That way, the boot will be moulded into the perfect shape for your long-distance walks!

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Just Wear Them

We’re often told to wear new boots around the house and this age-old trick still holds true. Just having the boots on your feet will be breaking them in, even if you’re stood doing the ironing or fast asleep in front of the TV! That being said, during the early stages, there is no better way to mould a new pair of walking boots than wearing them casually.

There’s no time limit on this process, but just wearing them and having them on your feet will make all the difference. Due to the light nature of walking around the home (or office), there’s very little chance you’ll damage your boots and you won’t get them dirty either.

Go On Short Walks First

Of course, you didn’t buy your new Gore-Tex hiking boots just to wear them around the house! We’re sure you’re itching to take your new shoes on the adventure of a lifetime, but for the sake of your feet, it’s probably best to trial them first. To effectively break-in your footwear, take them on shorter walks first – whether that’s the school run, walking the dog or something else – and build up from there. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of minor niggles, but its also a good field test for your new walking boots!

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Insoles Can Help

A lot of our weight goes through the little foot-shaped liner at the bottom of our boots. So, if you’re looking to make sure they’re ready for a big trek, it makes sense to consider this element. What form this takes can vary depending on the boots and your needs, but there are plenty of insoles that offer more cushioning or better still more support, for the optimum fit.

Be Patient

Ultimately, getting a pair of new shoes to a point where they are perfect for you takes a little time. The key here is to remain patient and trust that the boots will continue to become softer and more comfortable. If you are buying your hiking boots for a specific occasion, then make sure you buy them well in advance to give yourself time to go through this process.

That being said, there’s a difference between boots that take a while to break in and ones that aren’t right for you. When purchasing walking boots, ensure that you have the correct size and widths for your specific needs. Here at LOWA, we’ve been making outdoor boots since 1923 and have lots of experience in helping customers choose the perfect pair. All our shoes also come with a 30-day free return guarantee, so if you feel a different boot might be best for you, then you can easily change.

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If you’re looking for a new pair of walking boots, get in contact with us today, and we can help you find the perfect shoe for your needs. Are you looking to get the most out of your current walking boots? If so, read our shoe care instructions.


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