Get To Know: LOWA Hunter

Get To Know: LOWA Hunter

Here at LOWA, we’ve been building high-quality outdoor footwear for almost 100 years! Throughout our history, we’ve used a broad selection of materials, processes and details to create a complete range of footwear suitable for every journey.

In our ‘Get to Know’ series, we’re taking a closer look at some of our most popular models, giving insight into the quality and detail that makes our boots so popular. Here, we take a look at the LOWA Hunter, specifically the Hunter GTX Evo Extreme, one of our most popular men’s shooting boots.

What is the LOWA Hunter?

The LOWA Hunter is a heavy-duty boot designed to provide support and protection in the roughest terrains. The Hunter is a 10-inch high boot that provides unbeatable protection, while its minimal build and ergonomic design give the ankle freedom to move.

LOWA Hunter GTX Evo Extreme boot

What Activities Does the LOWA Hunter Suit?

As the name suggests, the Hunter is one of our most popular models when it comes to field sports. The boot’s design and materials are all geared towards providing the best level of performance and comfort on the various wild terrains that can be experienced on any hunt anywhere in the world.

The LOWA Hunter comes with a thick nubuck leather upper which protects against anything the natural world could throw at you. The boot also comes with the best waterproofing and insulation available, along with a stiffened, deep-lug sole chosen for reliability across even the most unreliable of surfaces.

A man and his dog hunting in a forest with LOWA footwear

What Materials are in the LOWA Hunter?

As mentioned above, the LOWA hunter employs the best available materials in every part of the boot, to ensure complete support and protection no matter where your hunt takes you.

You can learn more about all the materials we use in our total comfort technology blog.

Nubuck Leather

Nubuck is arguably the most versatile leather available, making it perfect for offering both protection and support. Nubuck is similar in appearance and feel to suede, but provides a lot more durability.

While suede comes from the middle layers of the hide, nubuck comes from the upper or outside layer. Nubuck also goes through a rigorous treating process which includes sanding, giving it incredible protective properties while also maintaining its versatility.

Two people hiking up a hill with hiking poles wearing LOWA boots

Gore-Tex Lining

The standard when it comes to waterproof technology for outdoor footwear. We use GORE-TEX linings in many of our boots, including the Hunter, to ensure the highest level of protection from the elements.

The Gore-Tex system is a two-layer lining that sits inside the shoe. Using the best in modern technology, this lining prevents any moisture from reaching your feet while also allowing the shoe to breathe naturally, helping to promote comfort during long journeys.

Primaloft Insulation

Primaloft is a high-quality modern insulator for high-performance outdoor footwear. Made of premium synthetic materials, it is designed to protect your feet from the harshest winter conditions while also not adding excess weight to the boot.

Vibram Masai Sole

Vibram is another market leader, this time when it comes to creating durable and slip-resistant outsoles. Vibram’s soles are some of the most durable and long-lasting available, perfect for the harsh conditions the Hunter is built to overcome.

The Vibram Masai is most recognisable for the size of its lugs. This sole design is to ensure its level of traction is not hampered by even the most unbalanced of surfaces while on your expedition.

What Sizes are Available for the LOWA Hunter?

Here at LOWA, we always strive to offer a wide range of sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit. The LOWA Hunter GTX Evo Extreme is available in UK sizes 6-13, including half sizes.

Two people trekking across a shallow lake covered in fog with LOWA boots

Remember, there’s a vast range of outdoor boots available here at LOWA, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your adventure! Check out more of our ‘Get to Know’ series, browse our range or get in contact with our experienced team, who will happily recommend a model for you.

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