Eight Hiking Hacks

Eight Hiking Hacks

We believe that there are few better ways to spend more time outside than to lace up our boots and explore the great outdoors! Hiking is an increasingly popular pastime, as more people discover the simple pleasures of spending time surrounded by the wild environment. This activity also allows us to test our fitness while spending some quality time with our friends, family, or simply at peace with ourselves.

If you have just started enjoying your hiking adventures, then you may begin to look at longer journeys to exciting and remote locations! In this guide, we take a look at some simple and easy ways in which you can make your longer hikes even more enjoyable.

Know Your Route

A lot of what leads into a successful and enjoyable hike is the preparation that you do beforehand. One of the most important things to do is learn the route you are hoping to take, making a note of things such as distance, time and landmarks. This knowledge will help you stay on track throughout your trip, making sure that you don’t get lost and finish the journey when expected.

However, you can further your preparation by learning more about your route, something particularly important for long treks in remote locations. Learn details such as the terrain, and whether there is a mobile signal or emergency services along the route. This preparation will ensure that the only surprises you get are good ones, allowing you to experience the walk without having to worry about other things.

Two hikers looking at a map

Understand the Weather

Another vital thing to research before your walk is the conditions, not just during but also before your trip. Specific trails may change depending on the weather is warm and dry or, for example, if there has been a large downpour the night before you are heading out. Also, understanding if certain directional winds could cause more issues than others on your path will help you plan accordingly.

Choose the Right Clothing

Once you know the details of your trip and the likely weather, you will be able to choose the right clothing more accurately. The most valuable thing to remember here is that, depending on the weather, try and keep your items light if possible. This will reduce the weight you have to carry, reducing fatigue and also aid a broader range of movement, which is particularly useful on climbs.

A woman hiking up a mountain in LOWA footwear

Pick the Correct Food

For a long hike, both food and water are essential. However, it’s important that you are bringing the right foods along for your journey. Some trips may only require a short burst of energy whereas longer trails may need larger meals. It’s vital that your choices provide the sustained energy needed while not taking up too much space or weight in your backpack. For more information about this, check out our blog post on the essential foods for long hikes.

Bring Spare Parts

Simple spares can go a long way, especially when something goes awry. When going on a long hike, many people choose to pack a spare pair of laces, for example, as the journey could be uncomfortable if your current ones were to wear. Other replacements, such as spare gloves, water bottle or items of clothing could make all the difference on the occasion when they are needed. However, as with the previous point, always consider how much room this will take in your backpack.

Two people at the top of a mountain wearing LOWA footwear

Pack a Repair Kit

Similar to the spare parts mentioned above, a small and straightforward repair kit could make all the difference when needed. Bring a penknife or multitool to perform repairs on-the-go. Other quick-fixes, such as duct tape or string, could also help your gear get through the trip!

Stay Charged

While many of us venture outside to try and avoid thinking about our mobiles, in reality, they can be a great help when on a long hike. Make sure your phone and other electronic devices, such as GPS, have more than enough charge before you head off to avoid any unfortunate situations. As mentioned before, packing some extra juice in the form of a charging pack can also give you that added piece of mind.

Invest in Waterproofing

Having waterproof hiking equipment makes all the difference to feeling comfortable, especially given the UK’s unpredictable weather! Make sure that your equipment is of a good standard and can back-up its waterproof claims before you get caught out! Here at LOWA, we not only sell a range of waterproof hiking footwear, but we also stock our WATERSTOP spray to provide you with further protection. Do you know it can be used on clothing as well as footwear?

A hiker walking through a muddy forest in the rain

Of course, an enjoyable walk is often down to your passion and also the quality of your equipment. Here at LOWA, we sell a range of high-quality hiking footwear and accessories, including men’s and ladies Gore-Tex walking boots. Why not take a look at our range today?


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