Get To Know: LOWA Ranger III GTX

Get To Know: LOWA Ranger

Since 1923, LOWA have been creating European outdoor boots of the utmost quality and reliability. Our motivation derives from our desire to provide footwear that is suitable for every possible terrain and exploration. By ensuring our boots and shoes are created with security and durability in mind, no matter what hill or path you are conquering, your adventure is completed in comfort regardless of the environment.

Our Get To Know series allows us to show off our selection of footwear and present the most admired walking boots in our range. For this piece, we will look at the LOWA Ranger III, our classic model of boot geared towards Trekking and long-distance hikes.

What is the LOWA Ranger III?

The LOWA Ranger III is a classic boot designed for longer excursions which require a bit more support, such as trekking. It is the ideal choice for those who enjoy longer trips as they are adaptive to both on and off-trail routes. The additional structure around the ankle provides extra protection, especially when off the beaten track. Moreover, the minimal seam assembly creates a durable, supportive upper that will last for many years to come.

What Materials are in the LOWA Ranger III Boot?

The LOWA Ranger III is constructed with a variety of durable features and fabrics which are implemented to ensure feet are supported as much as possible without losing any sense of comfort. The strength of the LOWA Ranger III comes from the high quality 2.2mm nubuck leather upper, a material used explicitly for its hard-wearing properties.

Here at LOWA, our extensive range is known for providing both women’s and men’s Gore-Tex hiking boots, and the LOWA Ranger III is no exception. A fundamental feature to the boots, the Gore-Tex lining guarantess the boots are completely waterproof, as well as offering breathability. Despite its tough, high-quality build, the LOWA Ranger III remains light in weight.

The sole of the boot is a dual layer PU cushioned design, married to a Vibram outsole. This adds to the slip-resistant and grippy nature of the boots, which makes them ideal for steep tracks and embracing the unpredictability of off-trail terrain. Not only are the Vibram soles ideal for this but they are also long-lasting, making the LOWA Ranger III a perfect investment for serious walkers. The midsole adds an extra layer of protection and padding, which ultimately enriches the comfort of the boot over long treks.

Other comfort features of the LOWA Ranger III include the X-Lacing system which minimises slippage of the tongue to the sides, further decreasing unnecessary discomfort while on the move.

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What Activities Does the LOWA Ranger III Suit?

The LOWA Ranger III is a natural choice for those who demand more from their boots. If you enjoy long walks and require a substantial boot which can embrace all elements such as unsteady terrain, hills and mud, this is the boot for you. A classic walking boot, it can withstand long journeys in a more tiresome climate, such as the highlands, as well as being the ideal choice for places such as trekking in the Himalayas.

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What Sizes are Available?

Here at LOWA, it is our mission to try and deliver a range of footwear that is available to all walkers. Our LOWA Ranger III comes in an extended size range, subject to availability at the time of purchase.

The men’s boot is available from size 6.5 up to 15. In addition to this, half sizes are also offered in the LOWA Ranger III series. The boot is also available in two widths (standard and wide) in order to provide the best possible fit and comfort.

A similar version of this boot can be found in the form of the LOWA Lady III, a bespoke version designed to meet the unique needs of women that is perfect for lengthier, substantial walks. Available from size UK 3.5 - 9, this style is also available in half sizes to provide the most suitable fit.

Dedicated to providing the correct fit, we offer a return policy, allowing you to try your boots in the comfort of your home with the possibility of returning the items if they’re the wrong size.

Check out more of our ‘Get to Know’ series. If you require further assistance while choosing the perfect walking boots, why not get in contact with us? For further advice on how to achieve the ultimate, comfortable footwear, take a look at our blog on how to break in your walking boots.

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