Introducing LOWA Accessories

Introducing LOWA Accessories

lowa boot accessories

Here at LOWA, we know just how much detail goes into creating the ultimate outdoor experience. All our boots are designed with specific tasks in mind, whether that’s comfort at work or while alpine mountaineering. This level of detail ensures that you can always rely on LOWA footwear, no matter where your journey takes you.

To make sure you have the best possible experience while outdoors, we’ve also produced a wide range of walking boot accessories. We provide all the necessary boot care and maintenance products you need to keep your LOWA boots in their best condition for many years.

From insoles and laces to brushes and treatments, take a look at our wide range of available products!

LOWA Walking Boot Brushes

We have designed our own polishing brush. Built from years of experience caring for high-quality footwear, our brush is an ideal weight and stiffness for cleaning outdoor boots.

Do I need a specific outdoor boot brush?

Some people still use old toothbrushes to care for their walking boots! Besides being time-consuming to clean walking boots in such a way, you do need to consider the stiffness of the bristles when choosing a boot cleaner.

When it comes to leather or suede walking boots, you need what is generally known as a semi-stiff or polishing brush. This brush sits somewhere between the soft bristles of a toothbrush and a harsh metal cleaner. A semi-stiff brush delivers just the right level of friction to ensure your leather boots are effectively cleaned without causing damage.

A man cleaning their LOWA boots with water and a brush

Treatments for Walking Boots

If you’re purchasing a new pair of summer hiking boots, you will want to ensure they’re properly treated. Even though our footwear is designed to protect from the elements, we still recommend using treatments to ensure you get the longest lifespan from your boots.

LOWA Active Crème

Our active crème is our most popular treatment. Wax-based with no PFC, it helps to keep leather supple over time, preventing the material from drying and potentially cracking. It comes in a neutral colour, meaning it won’t negatively affect the appearance of your boots.

LOWA Waterstop Pro

Our very own waterproofing spray is designed to work with leathers and the Gore-Tex linings we use on much of our range. The spray impregnates the leather, helping to protect the boot from water and other debris while also allowing the footwear to breathe as expected.

The LOWA Waterstop Pro is best used alongside our active crème. Combined, these products are the best way to care for your LOWA boots, ensuring they will keep performing long into the future.

LOWA Shoe Clean

We also sell a cleaning product, designed to help dissolve stubborn dirt while also protecting the boot. Our cleaner comes in the form of a pump spray, which is better for the environment and gives you more control over the cleaning process.

The LOWA Shoe Clean is designed to work across all materials, including rough and smooth leathers and textile-based footwear.

A woman climbing a mountain on a cloudy day with LOWA footwear

LOWA Walking Boot Insoles

Our boots, when properly cared for, are designed to last through many years of use. Therefore, there may come a time when you need to replace your boot’s insole.

Here at LOWA, we have a wide range of insoles designed specifically for our boots. Our soles are produced differently depending on their purpose, be it for all-terrain boots or trekking footwear.

LOWA Walking Boot Laces

Similarly to our insoles, we also have spare LOWA laces available. These are designed to replace laces that have become worn over many years of use. Like our insoles, our laces are designed with specific models in mind so please check the descriptions to be sure they are compatible with your pair of boots.

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LOWA Outdoor Socks

It’s often something that goes undervalued until you put your new outdoor footwear on. When it comes to foot comfort, you must have the right socks for the task!

That’s why we’ve designed a range of outdoor footwear socks, designed with the same level of quality we put into our footwear. Our socks are also designed with a specific journey type in mind and are built to support your natural movements while also providing unparalleled comfort and long-term breathability.

Someone resting in a field during sunset wearing LOWA outdoor footwear and socks

Thanks to our wide range of accessories, we’re confident that you’ll be able to enjoy your LOWA footwear for many years! Remember to share your outdoor adventures with us through our social media channels – we love to see where you take our boots!

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