LOWA Women

LOWA Women
What's really inside your footwear?

For years, LOWA has made footwear that is designed for the special fit needs of women. A perfect symbionic relationship of detail, function and design. 

Learn more here about the LOWA "Women's Features".

LOWA Women's features

  1. WOMEN C4 Balance Tongue
  2. WOMEN Balance Insole
  3. WOMEN Comfort Cuff
  4. WOMEN Last
  5. WOMEN Midsole

WOMEN C4 Balance Tongue

Cushioning on the tongue is made of a viscoelastic foam. In response to body warmth, this material molds to anatomical differences of the instep and shin. Benefits include:

  • highest wearing comfort due to reduced pressure points
  • prevention of side-to-side slippage of the tongue

WOMEN Balance Insole

Soft viscoelastic foam and surface materials provide for perfect fit and wearing comfort, just for women.

WOMEN Comfort Cuff

A specially shaped cuff at the top of each boot unique to each style.

Soft and flexible for optimal comfort.


The last is the deciding factor for the fit of a shoe. In order to guarantee optimal fit for a woman's foot, LOWA utilises a different women's last for every style.

WOMEN Midsole

Women absorb ground reaction forces from walking to a large degree in their joints and ligaments. For that reason, LOWA has made the midsole softer for women's styles.