Get to Know: LOWA Tibet GTX

Get to Know: LOWA Tibet

As top providers of high-quality outdoor boots since 1923, our motivation is to create a range of boots that can accompany any trek, whatever the terrain. All our shoes are built with ultimate durability while maintaining maximum comfort and support.

In our Get to Know series, we will discuss the advantages the LOWA Tibet range and where and when this style is the best choice.

What is the LOWA Tibet?

The LOWA Tibet is a boot range for those walkers who want to push themselves further on their expeditions, challenging themselves on more intense and heavy-duty treks.

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The Tibet Range

The LOWA Tibet is available in a selection of styles, all aimed towards providing a sustainable foundation for more long distance Treks.

These include the following:

Tibet GTX HI

This boot is the same as the standard model but comes with high support around the ankle for maximum steadiness during more advanced walks and terrain.

Tibet GTX WS

Created with toughness in mind, this variation is geared towards women’s feet and is available in smaller sizes. They are designed to withstand harsher climates and challenging treks across the globe for a more extended period of time.

Tibet GTX Wide

The wide model is designed to be more accommodating for people with wider feet. Additional features include an expandable toe box and increased volume around the instep of the boot. The Tibet GTX Wide is available in larger sizes.

Tibet GTX

The standard model has been specifically engineered to endure heavier loads than are usually expected on the average expedition. They have been produced to be able to cope with diverse and more challenging off-trail terrains. A key feature for these boots is the softened ankle flex which is more flexible in comparison to other boots.

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What Activities does the LOWA Tibet Suit?

This boot is ideal for those who want to make the most out of multi-day Trekking trips, carrying a heavy backpack.

With maximum durability, they can withstand days upon days of trekking in harsher, more unsettled climates. Due to this, they are also a great choice for walkers who enjoy the challenge of uphill terrains and unsteady surfaces. The rugged nature of this particular shoe also makes it a good choice for hunting, when terrains can be challenging and varied.

Discover the LOWA Tibet!

What Materials are in the LOWA Tibet Range?

The LOWA Tibet range has select accessories which make it unique. The following materials are prevalent throughout the range, regardless of the style.


This material is an essential part of many of the boots we produce here at LOWA. GORE-TEX is a waterproof fabric which not only protects the boot from damage caused by excess water, but it also provides a breathable lining to the shoe. A further benefit of GORE-TEX is its lightweight mass which is unique in creating a shoe that has waterproof properties while maintaining comfort. It is the perfect material to ensure that boots can withstand heavy conditions.

Vibram® Masai Sole

The LOWA Tibet range is completed with a Vibram Masai outsole, perfect for extremely active walkers. The sole is created to ensure excellent mountaineering tread with especially deep lugs. Furthermore, it provides further grip through the undercut heel shape as well as introducing a ‘climbing zone’ at the toe.


This leather is renowned for its robust nature and hard-wearing properties. We include them in our boots to ensure the general structure and protection offered by the boot is maintained as best as possible.

What Boot Sizes are Available?

As our aim is to create suitable footwear for a range of walking preferences, here at LOWA, we like to ensure there is a boot fit for everyone.

Our LOWA Tibet range is available in a selection of sizes thanks to the range of styles on offer. Each one is subject to availability at the time of purchase.

The sizes for men are available from size 6.5 and continue all the way to 15 thanks to the Tibet Extra model. For women, we have a smaller size range available in the Tibet Ws.

Dedicated to providing the correct fit, our return policy offers you the opportunity to try your boots in the comfort of your home with the option of returning the items if they’re the incorrect size. Our selection of shoes caters to a variety of sizes, including walking boots for wide feet.

Check out more of our ‘Get to Know’ series. If you would like to know more information about choosing the perfect walking boots, why not get in contact with us? We would love to hear from you on our social media channels! #LOWAUK

If you are new to walking and would like some guidance, why not check out these Basic Hiking Skills!

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