5 Dog Walking Footwear Ideas

5 Dog Walking Footwear Ideas

Walking comes with many benefits, as does spending time outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air, admiring the vast and beautiful views and taking time to notice the living things, both plant and animal, that surround us. Setting off on an adventure into the unknown and relishing new experiences allows us to understand the world, and ourselves, that little bit better.

When we combine this immersion in the natural world with the company of our nearest and dearest, be that a partner, family member or four-legged friend, we have the recipe for a near-perfect day! Our dogs greet us with their wagging tails when we return home; they offer companionship and unconditional love, all of this in return of kindness, a regular meal, exciting walks and a warm home.

It’s important that as your dog races through woodlands, chases the waves, explores creeks and meets other furry friends during their walks, that you’re comfortable. By investing in appropriate footwear and clothing, you’re likely to enjoy the adventures with man’s best friend even more! Below, we’ve looked at which shoes are most suitable for each walk, from a woodland wander to exploring the town!

Sports Shoe: In the Park

Whether you’re planning on limbering up in preparation for a park run with your pup or you’d like to take things a little slower, a sports shoe is ideal for a park’s terrain. With well-maintained paths which gently guide you around the landscape, you and your four-legged friend can take it easy as you glide through the greenery. The predictability underfoot means that a sports shoe will provide sufficient support while also looking fashionable!

All-Terrain Boots: Woodland Wanders

Most dogs love nothing more than a woodland walk! The varying scents, chance to rummage through the undergrowth and debris, vast open spaces and of course, the abundance of sticks, makes this a heavenly place for your pup to play! For us, it offers an uninterrupted immersion in the natural environment, where you can listen to the sounds of nature and take time for yourself. With large roots, fallen branches, muddy paths and puddles, a decent boot is required for this type of walk. Staying dry and wearing something with adequate support will ensure comfort along the route. Here at LOWA, our all-terrain boots are designed to give support to your ankle, as well as being lightweight to prevent any strain.

Dog alone in woods

Casual Shoe: Hitting the Town

Many of us are town or city dwellers, and as much as we all love to be amongst nature in an untouched environment, the reality is, taking our dog around the bustling streets can be an everyday occurrence. Whether you’re popping to the shops to grab a few essentials, heading out for a meal or meeting up with friends, a town-pup will be used to the stimulation that this type of walk brings. Like us, the smells, sights and sounds of a town or city will become what your four-legged friend is used to. So, whether you’re ticking a few chores off your list or taking a leisurely stroll, a casual shoe will suffice.

Dog in city

Wellies: Rushing Rivers

Rivers are an idyllic place to walk and bring beautiful scenes no matter the season. The calming sound of the moving water, the opportunity to spot wildlife, and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes make them an exceptional place to explore. Cold or hot, many of our furry friends love to dip their paws into the waters, and although a soggy foot doesn’t quite have the same appeal for us humans, it can be a joy to watch our dogs play in the flowing rivers. So, pull on a thick pair of socks and grab your wellies; your pup can adventure in the waters with you (and your dry feet) by their side.

Dog running through water

Sandals and Flip Flops: Along the Beach

Feel the sand between your toes, watch the sun sink into the sea, savour salty fish and chips and sweet ice creams. The lure of the open ocean, crashing waves and golden dunes are undeniable for many, including our four-legged friends. While away a couple of hours or even a full day relaxing by the seaside with your pup. Pull-on a pair of sandals or flips flops so that you can quickly take them off when you arrive at the beach, ready for a paddle with your pooch.

A dog on a beach at sunset.

The footwear you choose is dependent on the weather and terrain of where you’re headed. If you have a few footwear types to choose from, you’re more likely to remain comfortable during your walks. Here at LOWA, we have a fantastic selection of shoes and boots to choose from; whether you’re looking for hiking boots for wide feet, a low-cut boot or walking shoe, there’s something for everyone!


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