Men's Walking Boots (50 products)

Embrace the outdoors with our fantastic range of men’s walking boots, specifically designed for people seeking adventure.

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We have been crafting the finest walking boots for over 90 years, using precision technology and an understanding of the needs of our customers to create the most comfortable outdoor shoes on the market.

Ferrox Pro GTX Mid
Style: 540268-344-090
LOWA® Explorer LO
Style: 540224-947-070
Baldo GTX
Style: 540286-675-070
Baldo GTX S (Narrow)
Style: 540287-177-070
Baldo GTX W (Wide)
Style: 540288-177-125
Toro Evo GTX Lo
Style: 540207-758-065
Sirkos Evo GTX LO
Style: 540209-019-065
Sirkos Evo GTX Mid
Style: 540221-019-065
Renegade LL Lo
Style: 540213-001-070
Renegade LL Mid
Style: 540125-898-080
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