5 of the UK’s Most Challenging Walks

5 of the UK’s Most Challenging Walks

For a seasoned pro, a gentle stroll in the park just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you want to really push yourself to the limits!

The UK is home to some great walking trails for all abilities. Here, we focus on some of the most challenging ones to help inspire even the most experienced walkers to new heights. 

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Broad Stand, Scafell, North England

This narrow walk connects the Mickeldore to Scafell and is comprised of a series of rock steps and imposing formations. It poses a great challenge and has sadly claimed numerous lives over the years due to its popularity and complexity. 

This scramble is extremely hazardous at the best of times but is made more so by rain and ice, which makes the rocks slippery. Low visibility can also make the correct path difficult to find among the complex Scafell tracks. 

It is believed that the beauty of this walk inspired the iconic romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. If you are equipped to attempt this walk, you too could experience this awe-inspiring location.

Two people walking on a narrow mountainside path

Devil’s Ridge, Mamores, West Scotland

With this slightly ominous name, this hike is not for the faint of heart. Located on the Ring of Steall just across from Ben Nevis, this is a classic mountain route. The difficulties faced by this walk come from the 1km of undulating ridge where the dangers of rockslides and falling are looming.  

The Devil’s Ridge is just one part of the ten-mile walk across the Ring. The ridge itself descends into an extremely exposed track and narrow arete. There are plenty of trickier routes further on the way down as well!

It’s all worth it in the end with some tremendous views over the Nevis range and highlands. 

Aonach Eagach, Glen Coe, West Scotland 

Excitingly, this ridge is considered to be the narrowest on the British mainland! This one is definitely just for the professionals, as it is one of the most dangerous accident locations in the UK. 

If you take just one misstep on this trail, it could be deadly; 3,127ft is a long way to fall. 

From the top, you’ll be greeted by glorious views of some of Scotland’s best landscapes and rugged terrain. However, getting up there is definitely going to take some commitment and expertise!

Part of the Aonach Eagach ridge

Stob Coire na Tulaich, Glen Etive, West Scotland

This is another walk located in the spectacular Scottish Highlands. The mountain reaches over 900 metres and is surrounded by vast landscape views. You may recognise the views from movies such as Skyfall and Braveheart as this was where some of their scenes were shot!

The incredibly steep sections can be hazardous, and the risk of avalanche is a very real possibility. In past years, there have been occasions where thousands of tons of snow have come down the mountainside in one avalanche. 

Reaching the summit will not be an easy task, as its position on this list suggests, and the walk has the reputation for being one the most dangerous hiking routes in the UK, so proceed with caution.

Crib Goch, Snowden, North Wales

Mount Snowden has some fantastic walks, and chances are if you’re a keen walker, you’ve already sampled some of what it has to offer. Crib Goch is the toughest walk up Snowden and is not for those who aren’t a fan of heights.

Again, this route is not for beginners; it is considered one of the most exposed scrambling routes in Wales. Calling this route a ‘walk’ might be a bit misleading as you’ll probably need to use your hands a lot as you climb across rocks. 

The ridge has been compared to walking along a steep roof, although the distance down is a bit further than your average domestic roof.  

It might be a good idea to get a guide for this one!

It must be repeated that these walks should only be attempted if you are totally confident in your abilities and experience. What are your favourite walks in the UK? Share your stories with our outdoor community on our social media channels!