The Social Benefits of Regular Walking

The Social Benefits of Regular Walking

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll around the block or a more intense trek across the moors, walking can provide a variety of benefits. 

Here at LOWA, we know how important walking can be for general health and mental wellbeing. Our ranges of lightweight hiking boots are perfect for the experienced walker or beginner to take on their next adventure. 

Walking is not only a brilliant form of low or high-intensity exercise, depending on which routes you take, but there are also many social benefits to be gained from the activity. 


It can be very exciting when you are on a solitary walk on a mountainside, and another walker suddenly emerges out of the mist. Sharing in the beauty of a sublime view or landscape, even with a stranger, can help you feel part of a wider community of those who appreciate nature.

There are many organisations that arrange regular group walks and hiking expeditions. This gives an opportunity for walkers to commune together and get some quality face-to-face time with likeminded people.

Organised regular walking can also help combat social exclusion, especially in the elderly population or particularly isolated communities. 

Online Walking Communities 

If you can’t access an in-person community, then there are plenty of online forums, apps and groups to take a look at.

It’s no secret that ‘likes’ on Instagram are likely to give you a bit of an endorphin rush; sharing pictures of your walking experience on social media is a great way to boost your presence in the community and make online connections.

Activity trackers can be used to show your walking progress which can also be posted online. Getting encouragement from the community can help you feel more able to reach your goals.

Make New Friends

Groups that promote regular walking create a space for walkers to make new friends who enjoy the same type of activity as them. They may not live similar lives outside of their mutual love of walking, so walking activities are an excellent chance for so many different people to connect and form unlikely relationships. 

Spending long walks with others creates a good opportunity for some quality bonding time and provides a change of scenery from drinks in the pub!

Four friends with their arms around each other

Strengthening Bonds 

If you are more interested in going on walks with existing friends and family, then hiking can be a good opportunity to strengthen bonds and nourish relationships. 

Walking encourages a sense of mutual achievement; you can share an experience that has made both parties feel accomplished. 

It is an activity that can also help improve your communication skills if you end up needing to read maps or plans routes together!

Confidence and Support

Like any potentially social activity, regular walking can help boost self-confidence. Taking part in a fulfilling task and sharing in the fulfilment with others is an instant feel-good confidence boost.

Other walkers cheering you on and sharing physical loads can make you feel supported and increases general self-confidence. 

Regular walking has also shown to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. A reduction in these feelings may prompt you to feel more socially inclined and enthusiastic when faced with other social situations.

A group of hikers climbing a rock


Within the walking community, there are many challenges across the country that regular walkers can partake in. 

These challenges provide a healthy sense of competition and give hikers something to work towards, whether it be as a group or an individual. Challenges can be multiple day events or more small-scale local trails, but all have a focus on cultivating a sense of community and personal achievement. 

If you want to experience the social benefits of regular walking, you’re going to need some quality boots for your next outing. Here at LOWA, we stock a wide range of walking boots for both men and women that are perfect for both the seasoned hiker and more casual walker.