Brouillard Integral Ridge at Mont Blanc

Brouillard Integral Ridge at Mont Blanc

The Brouillard Integral Ridge is considered to be the longest and, along with the entire Peuterey Ridge, also a marked climbing route on the south side of Mont Blanc.  

Sunrise at Col Emile Rey

However, this route is very rarely tackled - the rock quality is just too bad. But Fritz MillerAnd Hans-Peter Müller dared to attempt it in early July. "You do not have to rely on any glacier gear on this route, which is unfortunately getting worse and in some cases hardly possible anymore," the LOWA-ACTIVE team athlete explains.

"The climbing difficulties were higher than expected, if only in a few places, like the waterfall couloir above the Col Emile Rey or the red rock after the Picco Luigi Amedeo."

Fritz Miller confirmed the difficult, and ultimately defeating, terrain. Nevertheless, he believes that the ridge will be attempted more than once in the next few years. Too great is his attraction.

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