Total Comfort

Total Comfort
Our attention to every detail in design and European manufacturing has earned our reputation for building the world's most comfortable boots since 1923. Here's why...

Specialised technical features, particularly lightweight materials, exceptional details and perfect manufacturing provide unsurpassed comfort that you experience with every step.

Gore-tex® lining

  • Highly breathable, durably waterproof lining material. Keeps feet pleasantly dry and offers optimised climate comfort for a broad range of outdoor activities.

Gore-tex® panda lining

  • GORE-TEX® membrane with additional warm lining (100 % polyester) keeps feet warm and dry during normal weather.


Gore-tex® partelana lining

  • GORE-TEX® membrane with additional warm lining (80 % polyester/ 20 % wool) keeps feet warm and dry during cold weather.

Gore-tex® duratherm lining

  • GORE-TEX® membrane with insulating layer of lining ensures warm and dry feet during cold weather.


  • These outstanding soles and rubber blends offer impressive traction on various surfaces and, at the same time, optimal abrasion resistance.
  • Vibram® has always stood for premium, slip-resistant, long-lasting soles and has for years been the market leader in this segment.

vibram® XS-grip

  • Proven climbing rubber for secure footing, precision, grip and optimised abrasion resistance.

S-last (narrow)

  • Less roomy to accommodate a lower-volume, narrower forefoot.

W-last (wide)

  • Extra roomy to accommodate a higher-volume, wider forefoot.


  • Expanded toe box combined with more volume at the metatarsals.

Extra sizes

  • This footwear also comes in an extended size range. Cemented footwear (Alpine, Backpacking, Trekking) has different soles and a different price. Details are available by consulting with the price list.


Climbing zone

  • This flat support zone under the toes makes easy scrambling possible thanks to a more secure foot placement.

LOWA rubber outsole

  • Conceived and developed by LOWA, this rubber outsole varies in its rubber blend has a tread design with varying lugs, both factors based on intended use. The advantage is a rubber outsole with good traction in the backcountry and off trail.

LOWA TPU outsole

  • Conceived and developed by LOWA, this TPU outsole has a tread design with varying lugs based on intended use.

  • TPU’s advantages include excellent abrasion resistance, better flexion, and the ability to use thinner and lighter outsoles. That is due to the need to use less material, resulting in better flexibility.

LOWA PU outsole

  • Conceived and developed by LOWA, this PU outsole has a tread design with varying lugs based on intended use.

  • This outsole is used in particular for children’s outsoles because it offers a good blend of lightness and abrasion resistance.


  • Designed specifically for winter use with fibre elements in the lugs, this sole uses a rubber compound and performance sole design optimised for perfect grip, especially on icy or slick surfaces.

Lowa G+

  • This rubber compound developed just for winter has textile components, ensure that sure-footed safety and grip when it is icy and slick underfoot.



    Very good climbing rubber especially suitable for novices with its top performance and impressive abrasion resistance.



    LOWA can resole this product for an additional fee.


Fit frame


    The shell-like construction of the sole envelops and secures the foot to provide optimal fit.

Support frame

  • A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.

Stability frame

  • A sturdy wrap sole construction extending onto the upper ensures good stability.


  • A LOWA-exclusive development. Optimised PU foam (polyurethane) for outstanding cushioning and rebound properties.

Single Injection

  • This manufacturing method of injection moulding offers the highest precision with a direct and solid connection between the sole and the upper.

Double injection

  • Comfort and cushioning is further improved for specific uses with a complex injection-moulding process using a layering process.

Hard winter shank

  • Sturdy insole with an additional insulating layer for good stability on difficult terrain and protection from the cold at low temperatures.

Hard shank

  • This sturdy insole provides good support in footwear for trekking tours with lighter packs.


Medium shank

  • This sturdy insole provides good support in footwear for trekking tours with lighter packs.

Soft shank

  • This lightweight insole provides optimal flex in footwear for easy hiking and leisure use.

Hard stabilizer

  • Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers perfect support for more intense outdoor activities.

Medium stabilizer

  • Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for outdoor activities.

Soft Stabilizer

  • Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for recreational activity.


  • The “I-Core” carbon insert forms the intelligent core of the sole construction. Perfect flex and torsional stability is achieved with precision alignment of the carbon fibres with the lever arm.

Lowa Flex®

  • Upper construction with freely moving lace hooks and other components for a more individualised fit to better adapt to personal comfort needs.


  • Easier ankle movement due to integrated „FlexZone“ and flexible Lace Loop.


Flexfit synchro®

  • Asymmetrical upper construction for synchronised movement of the boot’s shaft with the lower leg.


  • Anatomically shaped tongue for improved flex and comfort that helps avoid pressure points in this area.

Minimal seams

  • Construction design minimises the number of seams to prevent possible friction or pressure points.

2 Zone Lacing

  • Independently adjustable lacing zones, one on the forefoot and one on the upper, for an improved individualised fit and better adjustments for personal comfort and different foot anatomy.


  • Patented LOWA technology holds the tongue in place both vertically and horizontally. This prevents slippage and thus pressure points or blisters.


  • Exclusive patented LOWA locking cam hooks for totally comfortable positioning of laces within the 2 Zone system.

Roller eyelets


    Metal eyelets with small rollers to minimise friction and ensure easy lacing.

Waterproof zipper


    A waterproof zipper protects from moisture and cold in extreme situations.


Leather lining


    This lining provides pleasant comfort for your foot and good temperature management. Fit, durability and its ability to absorb moisture make a leather lining the optimal choice for comfort-oriented consumers.

Textile lining


    A fabric or synthetic lining makes footwear lightweight and breathable. Good abrasion resistance speaks for itself and ensures durability. In addition, it offers outstanding temperature management.



    Real lambskin for warm feet and a very soft and comfortable feeling against the skin.

Primaloft 200gr

  • The most premium synthetic insulation with a weight of 200 g/m² for warm feet in extreme winter cold.

Primaloft 400gr

  • The most premium synthetic insulation with a weight of 400 g/m² for warm feet in wintry conditions.



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