Get to Know: LOWA Renegade GTX Mid

Get to Know: LOWA Renegade

Here at LOWA, we have over 90 years of experience in supplying outdoor boots for a variety of purposes and terrains. We have paid attention to every single detail in the design and manufacturing process to earn our reputation for building the world’s most comfortable and durable boots as many climbers, mountaineers, hikers and certified quality testers can attest.

Over the years, we’ve built an impressive catalogue of outdoor footwear options, meaning there’s the perfect option for everyone. However, we understand that it can be hard to know what to look for with so much quality on offer!

Our Get to Know series explores everything there is to know about each model, how they work and for what activity each is best-suited. With our help, you can make supported decisions on which pair are right for all of your wants, needs and requirements!

Here, we look at one of our most popular and trusted models, the classic Renegade!

What is the Renegade?

The LOWA Renegade is one of the world’s most-popular all-round walking boot. Made in Europe using the best materials, the Renegade is designed to be a lightweight model that offers an excellent level of support without too much bulk.

LOWA Renegade in brown

Why Choose the LOWA Renegade?

The LOWA Renegade is the ideal option for everyday walking, hill walks and long-distance paths and trails. If you’re looking for a comfortable walking boot for every day that can also be used on longer weekend walks, look no further!

The core selling point of the Renegade is the comfort it provides to walkers, and the boot is designed with this at the forefront. Each component used, from the sole to the linings and everything between, is implemented with comfort in mind.

Not only does this boot fit well with its MONOWRAP construction web, but it also feels lighter than most traditional hiking boots while still offering that level of performance expected from LOWA footwear.

How is the Renegade Built?

LOWA are experts in direct injection construction and understand exactly how it can be used to create the best possible walking experience. The process means that rather than making a sole unit as one piece and then glueing it to the upper as a separate piece, the upper is directly attached to the sole by the PU cushioning layer.

Essentially, the PU cushioning is squirted in as a liquid during construction, making a seamless fusion of the upper to the rubber outsole without the need for glue.

There are a plethora of advantages to utilising this design for walking boots in particular. Some of these include:

- There’s no glue to break down and degrade over time, meaning the flex is likely to stay consistent for the life of the boot.

- Utilising this method means that there is no need for the addition of a stiffening board to the midsole, making the finished boot weigh less and feel more flexible underfoot.

- Your foot sits on the PU layer, making the boot feel more springy, which helps with general walking comfort.

The Renegade takes it one step further by using a dual-layer version of direct injection, with two densities of PU – one for support and one for cushioning.

Finally, the construction process integrates the innovative LOWA MONOWRAP frame construction into the design. This unique construction web is incorporated into the upper to provide unbeatable stability, control and comfort throughout the boot.

Close-up of the LOWA sole construction featuring MONOWRAP

What Materials Does the Renegade Use?

The upper of the Renegade is made from a premium nubuck leather, which is as supple as it is highly supportive. Not only will this give you exceptional comfort from your first wear out the box, but the boot will mould and contour the individual shape of each foot – you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them!

The leather upper is backed up with a Gore-Tex lining, guaranteeing them to be fully waterproof and the ultimate protection for your feet in the face of all weathers.

The rubber non-slip outsole is made by Vibram and strikes the perfect balance between grip and durability – two priorities to consider when it comes to walking boots and their features. The boots are easy to pull on thanks to the lace configuration, and the metal hooks include an extra set-back hook to provide an even more perfect fit around the heel.

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What Sizes are Available for the Renegade?

It’s worth noting that availability in specific sizes can vary, so check our stock online or get in touch if you don’t see the perfect fit for you.

As with many of our biggest models, the Renegade is available in three different fit versions, with regular, slim and wide feet options available depending on your needs. We stock a range of walking boots for wide feet and narrow, so be sure to check out our website or get in touch to find the perfect pair!

The majority of sizes are catered for in our range, including half-sizes, further helping you to find the perfect fit!

- Men’s boots available in sizes 6.5-15

- Women’s boots available from 2.5–10

There are differences between the shape of each gender’s feet, so the women’s version is crafted on a special last and is explicitly designed with a women’s foot in mind and vice versa. This step helps us provide unbeatable comfort and fit for every foot.

Find the Perfect Colour

A unique feature of the Renegade is also the number of different available colours. Whether you want to keep it old school with a brown leather colour, need a black boot for work or want something more adventurous, you can find what you need with our range of Renegade options.

Note again that availablility at the time can impact what colours are available.

A selection of LOWA Renegade boots in various colours

That concludes our in-depth analysis of the Renegade series, how it works and what sets it aside from the rest. We hope we have provided lots of information and perhaps even a little inspiration on where to look for your next new pair of walking boots.

Have you got a pair of Renegade's already? Let us know what you think via the comments on our social media channels! #LOWAUK

Check out more of our ‘Get to Know’ series. If you’re unsure what boots are right for you, feel free to contact our expert walking team, who would be happy to recommend you a pair.


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